Monday, August 20, 2012

French Poem Chalk Paint Table

I am a really bad blogger.  I've been MIA for 3 weeks!  Anyway, I haven't finished my Coco dresser.  It's been raining on my days off.  I started on this little side table.  I painted it in Old White and then, since I didn't have $100 to spend on the beautiful Paris in Springtime stencil, I got out my overhead projector and did it with a transparency that I made based on the same poem.  I used French Linen for the lettering.  It turned out okay, but I am not the best painter when it comes to tiny details.  I seem to get the paint too thick in these little lines, which is why I like to use paint pens for this sort of thing.  Anywhooo,  I distressed it and clear waxed it, and will probably dark wax it as well.  It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but my little table was only $7, so it was worth the experience.

I also did a cute little bar stool in Coco and used a black paint pen for the graphics.


  1. I really like how they both turned out. I thought of you this weekend when I attended a French Flea Market. They had some beautiful colored bottles sitting in a window adorned with "sacred" jewelry. When I blog about it you'll see the pictures. I want one!