Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moving My Station Indoors

I gave a ton of furniture to my nephew, who just got his first place, last weekend.  My son moved to Denver about a year and a half ago, so I finally started cleaning out his room, as he didn't take any of his furniture with him.  I am going to keep his dresser.  I haven't had a decent one in a few years, since I changed my decor, and his matches my bed perfectly!  His bed, I gave my nephew.  I originally intended to take it up to our family cabin, but every kid needs a bit of help when they first move out and  my nephew, Jon, only had a twin bed!  So, I gave it to him.  The only thing left in the kid's room is a GIANT fish tank, that he told me to put on Craigslist and his tv and tv stand.  So the other night, it was sooooo cold and I wanted to get some soldering done and my garage is huge and I don't have a heater in there, so I got the bright idea to move my soldering station into my son's old room.  I have a craft room as well, but there is too many flammable items in there!  So into his room I moved!!  And I ended up getting way more done than I would have normally gotten done, because it was convenient and warm!!

These are just a pic of what I got done in about a half hour or so!  I blackened them, added images and just got done doing a resin pour!!  I can't wait until it cures, so I can see how they turned out!  Then I can add some bling to them and get them listed on Etsy!  The waiting is the hardest part!!

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