Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vintage Prayer Cards

As a little girl I remember going through a drawer in my mom's dresser where she kept her jewelry box, her bible and a box full of beautiful prayer cards.  I would sit for hours and be amazed at the vintage holy graphics.  Our bible had amazing religious Renaissance pictures in it.  I wish I could find another one like it.  It got lost somehow in the shuffle after my dad passed away.  And the holy cards that she had!  Wow!  I had aunt's that were nun's and I don't know if they gave her some of them or if she just picked them up at church or funerals. Unfortunately, after mom passed, my dad got rid of them all, not thinking that anyone would want them.  I am inspired by these beautiful cards and use a lot of them in my jewelry.  I also use vintage rhinestones, which I always loved to look at in mom's jewelry box.

I miss those days, the wonder and the marvel of a great new discovery!  I hope to collect a few vintage holy cards just to bring back the memory of sitting in her room. 

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